Google AdWords vs Bing Ads

Both offer very similar features. Check out our cheat sheet for an overview.

While Google AdWords is the undisputed king when in comes down to online advertising, many people seem to forget that Microsoft has its very own search engine and advertising service with Bing Ads. The latter may have a fraction of market share but there are some reasons why you should consider it if you want to drive growth for your customer. In this blog post, we will walk through some interesting numbers. If you are an experienced Google AdWords user, things become even better because you can expand your online presence massively with a minimum of effort.

What are the assets of Bing Ads?

As is the case with Google, Bing can fall back on a network. While not as vast as Google’s, it is still impressive when you look at some numbers. According to comScore, 3 billion searches are conducted every month across their top 7 European markets. Bing also claims their growth is powered by their Windows 10 interface which runs on more than 600 million devices now. Even more important, still according to Bing: 90% of Microsoft Edge user keep Bing as their default.

A network with a distinct audience

According to numbers of the Global Web Index, Bing offers a diverse audience: 60% is under the age of 45 while 40% are educated to a degree. Half of the users have at least one child in their household. Perhaps even the most tantalizing figure: according to Bing, 25% of the clicks on their network are on searches not found on Google. As an online marketeer this allows you to set up different strategies and to optimize your customer’s ROI. In general: CPCs are lower on Bing than on Google. If you are conducting campaigns for customers in high-competitive and saturated markets this definitely offers an opportunity to get more bang for your buck.

Similar interfaces avoid double work

For those who are at the controls of online advertising on a daily basis this is where things really become interesting because the Google and Bing interfaces are almost identical. You can simply export all your campaigns, adgroups and keywords from your Google AdWords campaign to your Bing campaign. This allows you to start from one shared set-up only to make dedicated optimizations in each network. Nevertheless, there are some differences you have to take into account as explained in our cheat sheet.

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